ACR2_DandyDandelion_16x20_acrylicWe’ve all made a wish once or twice in our lifetime by blowing the fluffy, white seeds off a dandelion. The trick, of course, was to blow ALL of them off. And if any were still left on the dandelion head, we knew our wish wouldn’t come true. So, naturally we’d find another one, maybe a little bigger, and try again. “Dandy Dandelion” is for all those wish-makers who never give up on making wishes. This is an acrylic piece on acrylic titanium double-primed canvas, back-stapled with kiln-dried stretcher bars, and varnished for fade protection.

“Dandy Dandelion” – 20×16 acrylic on canvas
Price: $225.00 USD

PRINTS of this piece are available through Fine Art America and ArtPal.

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